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Welcome to Burton Living!
Welcome to Burton Living!



These protective covers are easy to slip on and add years to the life of any umbrella. In two versions, Standard and Delux.
Standard – Easireach Cover

Waterproof polyester, standard zip. Available in Beige only.

Delux- Easireach Cover

O’bravia PU coated. Available in Charcoal, Natural or Platinum


Heavy duty O’Bravia waterproof canvas, H.D. zip

Sizes (length x width at bottom)

  • Small 163 x 47cm
  • Medium 190 x 61cm
  • Large 221 x 62cm
  • Extra Large 280 x 66cm
  • Small Cantilever 208 x 57cm
  • Large Cantilever 255 x 61cm
  • Extra Large Cantilever 280 x 73cm

Colours (O’Bravia P.U. Coated) Charcoal, Natural or Platinum


Waterproof polyester, standard zip

Sizes (length x width at bottom)

  • Small 180 x 41cm
  • Medium 208 x 48cm
  • Large 242 x 58cm

Colours Beige

(length x width at bottom)
TO FIT 2018 / 19 STYLES
SMALL STANDARD 180 x 41cm Octagonal umbrellas up to 300cm Square umbrellas up to 200cm Amalfi, Como, Coolum 300 Oct, Fairlight 270, Harbord 250 Hex, Lotus, Lumina 270 Oct, Padua, Rio, Sorrento
DELUX 163 x 47cm
MEDIUM STANDARD 208 x 48cm Octagonal umbrellas up to 350cm Square umbrellas up to 250cm Coolum 220 Squ, Fairlight 330, Fairview, Harbord 220 Squ, Lumina Rect, Palermo, Portofino, San Martino
DELUX 190 x 61cm
LARGE STANDARD 242 x 58cm Octagonal umbrellas up to 400cm Square umbrellas up to 280cm Seville, Verona
DELUX 221 x 65cm
EXTRA LARGE DELUX 280 x 66cm Rectangular umbrellas up to 400x300cm Square umbrellas up to 360cm Samarkand, Vigo Elite, Sicily
SMALL CANTILEVER DELUX 208 x 57cm Octagonal umbrellas up to 330cm Lynden, Pandanus, Windemere
LARGE CANTILEVER DELUX 255 x 61cm Octagonal umbrellas up to 400cm Square umbrellas up to 330cm Siena, Loral, Regis, Savannah
X LARGE CANTILEVER DELUX 280 x 73cm All Asta umbrellas