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Shade products


Our range of Shade Umbrellas are designed to help protect from the harsh Australian Sun.

  • They are not weather umbrellas and as such should not be left open while unattended
  • They should not be open when raining as this would damage the canopy and wind release vent at the top of our umbrellas.
  • The Umbrellas are designed to withstand a light wind, but in general, should not be left open in windy conditions. The Umbrella canopy can act a wind sail and catch any upward gust causing the umbrella to fall over.

All our Umbrellas come with detailed base recommendations however we strongly recommend the inground solution for our Cantilever range as the best possible mounting to withstand any surprise gust of wind.


Close the dry Shade Umbrella and cover it with the Protective Sleeve between uses.

Store in a dry, and enclosed location if not used for long periods.

The umbrella should be hosed regularly with fresh water if exposed to salt spray, in the vicinity of chlorine or any pollutants.

Soiling of the canopy can be minimised by simply brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric or spot cleaning soon after stains occur If spot cleaning is required, use a diluted neutral PH laundry detergent and rinse it well with fresh water. Allow it to dry with the umbrella partially open or completely extended. Fabrics may be treated with a fabric protector such as Scotchguard for additional protection.

Do not close or store the umbrella when wet; if it is necessary to close a wet umbrella in stormy weather, remember to open and dry the canopy as soon as weather conditions allow.

Every 6 months spray the Rotate Bearing and Ballast Block Frame with WD40 or deodorised fish-oil.

It is important to regularly check that the base of the umbrella is properly secured and check the whole umbrella for any loose or missing bolts and nuts.

Shade UV Rating

Please see individual product swing tickets for information about abuse, wind damage and normal wear and tear guarantee exclusions. Also product care, cleaning, service and return instructions.